Our Services

The Alfa Services expert team offers comprehensive residential heating, cooling and electrical services to meet your needs. From Heat pump, Boiler Furnace installations and repairs, to Electrical Panel Upgrade, EV Charger, Indoor Air Quality, Water Filtration Systems. We can help! 

Heat Pump

We can install, repair, and maintain any heat pump system for maximum efficiency and reliability. Our comprehensive services cover all makes and models to help lower your energy bills. 


We provide thorough boiler services for all brands and models to reduce energy expenses. Our top-grade materials, combined with advanced technologies, promote optimal and long-lasting boiler operations in the future. 

Air Conditioning

Alfa Services provides professional air conditioning installation services. Our experienced technicians are well-versed in the latest technologies, ensuring your system runs efficiently and reliably. 


Furnace repair/installation services are available for all makes and models. Our technicians can assess any existing unit to ensure optimal performance or install a new system to meet your requirements. 

EV Charger

We can install a vehicle charging station at your home, ensuring access to a safe, steady, convenient electricity supply for your cars. Our experienced technicians excel at correctly installing these units. 

Air Filtering System

The expert Alfa Services team can install a whole-house air filtration system to capture and remove airborne particles from the air, keeping your home’s air healthy and safe for you.